Wasteful Diwali

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Petitioning: Society

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 27, 2009

According to last year newspapers' reports, about 2 crores worth of firecrackers in Delhi itself. While it leads to pollution of air, land, water and noise pollution too, firecracker factories also employ child labor. Working conditions involve daily contact with strong and toxic chemicals and there are no safety measures to ensure occupational health and safety.

These hazards not just cost the lives of the labor in the long run but also induce many diseases in the community. Noise pollution on Diwali day is reported to be extremely bad as its damages the hearing capabilities of humans tremendously.

This request to refrain from using firecrackers goes out to everyone amongst ourselves, who indulge in such wastefully entertaining Diwali. Lets light lamps and not burn them out.