Validity of Opposing Rs500/- & Rs1000/- currency ceseation and 28 Nov

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Petitioning: Indian Parliament, PMO Govt of India, Indian National Congress, TMC, BSP, AAP

Petitioner: Dhirendra started on November 25, 2016

In our country approximately 1.63 Crore People pay Income tax meaning remaining population of approximately 1.28 crore are the people who have income less than taxable income tax slab of 2.5 lac @. Considering all non tax paying population's income to be 2.5 lac @ and a hypothetical situation where we consider of their income as consumable income. per week consumption for these 98% plus population comes to be around 4800/- per week.
Now this is beyond understanding how come this huge population overnight from 8th November onward whose annual income is less than 2.5 lac@ have got disposable income of more than 4000/- per week?
The Government of India's move of ceasing high denomination currency from 8th Nov onward has has given daily withdrawal limit of 12000/-& daily ATM withdrawal limit is of Rs 2500/- & currency exchange limit till 24th Nov was 4000/ for first week & for later few days 2000/-. In a country where 98 % of population have weekly disposable income of less than 5000/- how come these limits are less??
Would like to know from All Political party to comment and give clarification Why this limit is unjustified? also would request G.O.I. to continue this limit till more population comes under tax bracket.