Transfer of Deceased Spouse's Pension from Hyderabad's Andhra Bank to Visakhapat

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Petitioning: Andhra Bank, Prakash Nagar Branch No. 0435

Petitioner: Dhanalakshmi Tanjore started on September 27, 2015

Hello Respected Authorities,

In spite of repeated requests for the past 9 years from Employees Provident Fund Organization and myself to the Managers of Andhra Bank in Prakash Nagar, my deceased husband's pension (PPO No. 39964 - S B Account No.: SB - 228054) has not been transferred to my account in the Pithapuram Branch (Branch No. 0245) of Andhra Bank in Visakhapatnam district. Can somebody please look into this matter as soon as possible?

With regards,

Dhanalakshmi T. (w/o T. Prabhakara Rao)