Gulbarga Railway Division

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Petitioning: Ministry of Railways Government of India

Petitioner: Sunil Kulkarni started on December 21, 2015

Gulbarga Railway Division

Dear Sir,

We recall the Justice H C Sareen Committee which had recommended setting up of New Gulbarga Railway in 1984 alongwith other 10 divisions and the recommendations were accepted by Ministry of Railways. However, 8 Railway Divisions were created in due course of time and remaning 3 divisions could not be set up.

In 2013 February, Railway Board and Ministry of Railways announced Gulbarga Railway division alongwith Division at Jammu and Silchar, However, not much work has been done to this effect to start Gulbarga railway divison.

Various RTI reports have proved the potential of Gulbarga Railway division which would benefit the Indian Railways and the people of India. The region has plenty of cement industries and Divison can easily sustained.

Recent media reports mentions works has started for Jammu railway division with appointment of ADRM and may be operationalize it soon by April 2016. However, no works has been started for operationalize the more than 3 decades awaiting Gulbarga Railway Division.

We all request to kindly hasten the process of Gulbarga railway division creation and kindly operationalize it by April 2016. We have strong belief and faith in your administration.

Yours faithfully,
Citizens of India