Secretive Brain Technology in Operation in India

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Petitioning: Prime Minster of India

Petitioner: Neptune started on June 19, 2012

Secretive Brain Technology in Operation in India

A secretive brain technology with capability to read mind remotely etc is operating in India. The first sighting of this technology was way back in June, 2008 in Reliance, OLD ICI GODOWN, FOSBERY ROAD, OFF REAY ROAD STATION (E), SEWREE, mumbai (maharashtra) 400 033

To bring to your notice, while in Reliance, as a whistleblower act, I came to know that this technology is also being applied on Minsters selectively to access secret policy related information. This technology can get bank id & passwords of individuals also.

This technology applied on defence head, can steal defence related matter.

This thus, makes national & civilian security vulnerable.

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