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Petitioner: Mangesh Ranawade started on May 29, 2016


The Urban development Department of Maharashtra, released a notification on the 16th May 2016 to call up on any objections w.r.t formation of Panvel Muncipal Corporation that will consist of 68 various villages including Kharghar node.

As citizens we look forward towards Kharghar, as a developed, planned, well maintained and a peaceful city.

With respect to the same, as a responsible citizen and keeping in view the following below points I wish to file an online petition:

1. Kharghar, a meticulously planned node by CIDCO, is still in the process of development . Various projects declared in CIDCO plan are in the infancy stage or are to be completed in the near future. A list of the same is available with the CIDCO authorities for your ready reference.

As citizens, we fear that with the formation of Panvel Muncipal Corporation these development activities will either be hampered or may not be taken in the right direction as proposed.

2. Also, CIDCO recently had declared the concept of SMART CITY , a unique project to be implemented in entire Kharghar.

With its inclusion in Panvel Muncipal Corporation, we wish, that in Kharghar , this coveted project should be totally implemented.

Please note that this petition mainly aims to ensure that with the inclusion in Panvel Muncipal corporation, both, at the level of individual citizens or the entire population, kharghar should not be deprived with the right to be living in a planned, developed and a highly maintained part of the city.

In Leiu of the same, we strongly urge that if the inclusion in Panvel Muncipal Corporation, in Kharghar, CIDCO should continue to stay until completion of all its proposed & existing projects including the esteemed project of SMART CITY .