Support to Votership and political reforms petition in parliament

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Petitioning: establishing genuine democracy in place of fake democracy

Petitioner: Common Men Forum started on August 8, 2016

Date: August 8, 2016

Hon’ble Chief Minister,
Sri K Chandrasekhar Rao,
Telangana state

Sub: Support to Votership and political reforms petition in parliament, and need to end slavery.

Respected sir,

The humble petition of Bharat Gandhi, Jayaprakash Bharat and others, the members of FEFM( Federation of Economical Freedom Movement) & Commonmen Forum, Ardthik Aajadi Andolan Movement & other organizations, working to bring the voter ship ( voter pension) and political reforms to remove poverty.
There is need to end slavery.

137 members of parliament who had demanded in parliament for giving some amount in cash to the voters every month on the pattern of pay and allowance and for implementing the package of the political reforms in parliament. They were issued even notice for making this demand, these members of parliament the historic petition in the interest of the nation, the author Bharat Gandhi and other members had advanced this argument in their support that the voters should also get salary and allowance, because, it they who make, we members eligible for getting salary and allowances. This amount has been named as voter ship on the pattern of scholarship (voter pension).

If previously, the proposal was moved in parliament, is accepted the every voter will be issued ATM cash card in place of photo identity card and he will be entitled to get at least Rs 4000 and DA on this amount. Expectance of this proposal by parliament would have change the face of the country. The passages of law on this proposal could have the power of voters in place of leader of the country because the power in fact lies in the hands of those who are authorized spend the amount of tax. Several heads of the Parties, the Governments of at centre and the states and many of the facials are already in favor of continuing economic slavery for the development, but even the intellectuals who present fake solution to the development also onside that economic slavery is essential for development.

When the 80 percent people who are economically weak are never in a position to win elections, then why these 80 percent people shouldn’t take Initiatives action to create a separate system of governance, judiciary, Currency etc for themselves. Why all the facilities like salary, pension Allowance travel by rail, bus and air should be given to the leaders only, why these facilities shouldn’t be extended to the voters as well.

Today the new generation is seeking freedom in this Internet Era as they are supposed to exhibit their talent all over the world. They are required to be liberated from the boundaries of the nations. But the irony is that the Power is still in the hands of those conservative people who had read the Books fifty years ago and who are unaware of the challenges existing of the Present.

They have been suppressing the document related to Political reforms Signed by 137 Members of Parliament since 2006, which has potential to Change the whole world. They are not even ready to hold a debate on it, how they can implement the same. 6 May 2008 was scheduled for holding debate on it but parliament was prorogued one day before. So the readers are requested to support our move of reforming politics of the countries and the world and establishing genuine democracy in place of fake democracy going on all over the world.

What is Votership?

1) A new terminology on the line of scholarship.
2) Voter’s share against the share of machines in GDP
3) Government’s share in the Private property and private income and the debentures to individuals who participate in the process of formation of government i.e. voters in that share.
4) The fees given to voters for their contribution in formation of government and enaction of law.
5) The fees to be paid to voters as are paid to three pillars of democracy.
6) Voters share in rent against common property.
7) Measures for common men’s participation in development.
8) Measures for economic democracy and economic freedom.
9) Measures for attaining freedom of undertaking work of one’s choice.
10) Measures to lead life with dignity
11) Measures to convert fake democracy into genuine one.
12) Measures to contract population
13) Measures to enhance voting percentage in elections

Why Votership

1) Mechanization is a compulsion in world economy base on Dunkle (GATT) agreement. Computers snatched work from the hands of educated one, so did bulldozers/tractors by snatching work from the hands of illiterates. Hence, providing employment to every hand is impossible.
2) Till now forced work has been taken as employment under compulsion but now it is not so.
3) Imposing condition to work for money essential for life is a evil of economic slavery. One who is willing to attain richness should be asked to work not, one who just wants to fulfill basic necessities of life.
4) The participants in law making process (Voters) did not charge any money earlier but now they want it. The rich who acquired richness by extracting benefits from law, should pay this fees (tax for voter ship fund) law making is a work in itself and voter ship is fee for this work.
5) Economic slavery is no longer a source of production.
6) Illness of public is not so bad as is their unemployment.
7) Voter ship is solution to many of the present problems.
8) There is no better way than paying for voter ship for inclusive growth.
9) There is no alternative to voter ship

Votership : Source of Money ?Indigenous sources of India

1) Direct funding for public welfare budget (Around 4 lakh 26 crore)
2) Property tax on the people above richness line (Rs 50 crore)
3) Tax for governance

Common global source

1) The amount received by India from developed countries under the liability for Millennium Development goal (MDG) tax on Multinational companies (MNCs) the tax realized by UNO on income and tax of global traders.
2) India’s share in the fund established with the tax amount as 7 percent of GDP of all countries collected as share of natural resources from all countries in U.N.O.

Is Voter ship possible?

1) At least the amount being spent in different heads such as Ration, Panjiri, mid day meal, pension of various kinds subsidies etc can be possibly send directly in voters accounts. The amount of voter ship can be paid for many months together with the money government spends on sports games and luxury sports and luxuries are not equally precious as are two times meals
2) If paying voter ship to all in one go is not possible it may be paid in installments serially to poor women, to all poors to all women and lastly to all voters.
3) Prior to installation of ATM machines it was almost impossible to introduce voter ship but now it is possible.
4) The political parties having intention of befooling the public will no longer be able to garner votes and they will have to support voter ship in Parliament sooner or later for running the parties.
5) The argument for non availability of funds for voter ship can be advanced only after raising tax on the rich. Till now tax has been not imposed for this purpose.
6) Till 1947 money raised in the country got to be spent in London, from 1950 onwards that money was to be spent in Delhi and the capitals of the States. In 1967 Prime Minister Shastriji favored sending the money in the districts and in 1972 Indiraji sent that money towards the blocks. Again in 1985 under Rajiv Gandhi regime that money was sent to villages through panchayati Raj. Now the turn is for the families to receive that money. This is going to happen exactly through voter ship.
7) When this campaign is going on successfully under the name of basic income in 24 countries such as Brazil Namibia Netherlands etc why the same system cannot succeed in India.
8) Prior to Shri Sridharan other Engineers could not take up the challenge of taking up Metro Project but he executed the same will all success. Likewise if any one takes the argument that voter ship cannot be possibly introduced he is simply showing his inability. But this is definitely possible for those who are associated with this move of voter ship. Every work is not meant for everyone. If political Parties together feel that voter ship cannot be implemented, they should give chance to these campaigners of voter ship, form a government of their own for implementing voter ship agenda.
9) Had Duryodhana been able to stable his rule for the generations to come, the lineages of Yudhisthir could get only this reply from them you may just seek employment don’t seek the rent against your ancestors property (Voter ship) there is no money for voter ship. It is not possible to provide voter ship see the wretched conditions we members of royal family are living in our family owns a fleet of 10 cars only. We are compelled live like this. How can we give tax in such constraints? It is obvious that those who consider votership as an impossible proposition are feeding wrong thing in the minds of people like those successors of Duryodhana.
10) Prior to Mulayam singh government (2004) it could not be possible to give unemployment allowance. The central government is giving Rs 400 in cash now but earlier this was not made possible. Efforts in right direction make anything possible. In absence of efforts everything seems quite impossible.

Utility of voter ship

1. Full control over the crimes motivated due to economic constraint.
2. Eradication of poverty beyond any doubt.
3. Proven check on population growth.
4. Inevitable check on corruption- automatic reduction in corruption Because of contraction of government sector, through check on Systematic corruption and control on consumerism, management of Political donation and check on economic corruption.
5. Origin of patriotism.
6. Economic justice to economically oppressed downtrodden and relieving women from oppression.
7. Effective check on crushing talents born in poor families.
8. Emergence of automatic relief system in case of natural calamity.
9. Treatment of mental blocking of the nation.
10. Emancipation from involuntary prostitution and rehabilitation.
11. Peace to resting souls of great men.
12. Compensatory liability of multinational companies.
13. Insurance of development of democracy and constitutional progress.
14. Effective control on the problem of unemployment through Enhancement of purchasing power, provision of political finance, ATM network, increasing staff strength of Banks, supporting industries like bicycle industry, voter ship counselors, new recruitment In the vertical secretariat, internal inspiration of wisdom jobs.
15. Solution to the public problems of food, housing, drinking water Education, treatment.


Thanking you,

Jayaprakash Bharat

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