Support Smart City in Navi Mumbai

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Petitioning: Citizens of NaviMumbai need to come together to support the SmartCity initiative

Petitioner: Satish Nikam started on December 10, 2015

NCP Leaders and Corporators rejected the SmartCity proposal for NaviMumbai.

Under the GOI scheme, the NMMC had submitted the proposal to GOI with the approval of State government of Maharashtra. It was expected that out of the first 10 cities which are to be announced on 26th January 2016, Navi Mumbai would have been one of them.

What was the proposal?
Out of the total cost of Rs. 2025 Cr, GOI would bring in Rs.1753 Cr and NMMC had spend Rs. 272 Cr. These funds were to be spent by a Special Purpose Vehicle under the leadership of NMMC Commissioner for futuristic projects like Smart Transit Systems, Smart Traffic Management, Smart lights, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, etc.

Now, this proposal was prepared, worked upon and submitted by NMMC officials for past four months with the help of NaviMumbai Mayor Shri. Sudhakar Sonawane. NMMC also conducted various events like Public meetings, Walkathons, etc. to seek public participation in the said initiative. These events were well attended by all these NCP leaders. 3.82 lacs citizens posted their suggestions on the online portal.

Inpsite of all this, at the last moment, the NCP corporators of Navi Mumbai rejected the proposal in the general meeting. It is understood that they fear losing control on the entire development of Smart City. Also, they fear that they may not get the due credit from this development as it is the pet project of prime minister. Over years, there is malpractice of paying cuts from tender amount to the leaders, which will not be possible in these initiatives.

Appeal all citizens of Navi Mumbai to raise their voice and unite together to bring the friuts of development to this developing city. Let petty politics not hurdle the progress.

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