SUN DTH Past 10 Days No response (14 Calls made / 34 Emails Sent / 4 Complaints)

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Petitioning: SUN DTH

Petitioner: NS Thiru started on October 24, 2010

Successful 10th Day No Service Tan Tanna Tan (14 Calls Made /34 Emails Sent / 4 Complaints Registered)

Customer No: 0229282 / Smart Card No:40248240455 / Setup Top Box No: H07340055578

15/10/2010 - Sun Direct DTH is not working properly, it says E48-32 No Signal.

16/10/2010 - I called Customer Care 040-39407575, due to server down they are unable to take my complaint. So I sent an email to (01:37PM).
(Day 2: Call No: 1 , Email No: 1)

17/10/2010 & 18/10/2010 - No Response from them.

19/10/2010 - Nodal AP replied my email and called me. As per their request I provided my address and contact details.
(Day 5: Call No:1, Email No: 2)

20/10/2010 04:55PM - I tried to reach Customer Care (39407575 / 30901300), but no response. So I sent an email to Nodal AP. Whole day Customer Care/Nodal AP phones are busy. Later I called the Chennai Customer Care and reported the issue
(Day 6: Call No: 2, Email: 5)

21/10/2010 - Called the Customer Care and reported the issue - Complaint No: 856828769.

05:00PM Called the Nodal AP(27957834) and enquired the Staus. Customer Executive lady said I am not the only Customer, will resolve the issue in 48 Hours and disconnected the phone. Again I tried to reach the same no, phone is ringing. But no one picked the phone. IRRESPONSIBILITY.

05:11PM Called the Customer Care 39407575 and reported the issue. Whiile asked the complaint Number Executive put music on hold and then disconnected the phone. GREAT ESCAPE/IRRESPONSIBILITY.

05:15PM Called the Customer Care 39407575 and spoke with Pavan. Raised the Complaint No: 859827824. He confirmed that issue will be resolved in half an hour.

05:26PM Called the Customer Care 39407575 and spoke with Srikanth. Requested for the Complaint Number as per him there is no Complaint number available in the process. CHEATER.

05:40PM Called the Nodal Andhrapradesh 27957836. Customer executive lady picked the phone. She said Technician will come my house before 22/10/2010 (tomorrow) evening and immediatley disconnected the phone.

I sent an email to Mr. RamaRao, Nodal AP officer. I asked him to give a call to me whenever he finds time. (Till now he didnt find any time! Very busy Man in Andhrapradesh)

(Day 7: Call No: 8, Email: 19)

22/10/2010 10:05AM called the Customer Care 39407575 and spoke with Ramana, as per him Distributor/Dealer will come to my house and resolve the issue before 05:00PM. Incase of any failure SUN DTH technician will resolve the issue by today.

03:55PM Called the Customer Care 39407575 and spoke with Rathnakar. He is saying Server is Down so unable to take the complaint. (Poor Infrastructure - 2nd Time Server down in few days)

03:56PM Called the Nodal AP and spoke with the Lady. As per her, she will check the Distributor/Dealer and let me know in 2 hours. Till now she didnt responded. Cheating Lady/Irresponsible/Poor Management.

(Day 8: Call No: 11, Email: 22)

22/10/2010 - Called the Customer Care and raised the complaint No: 8871321.
Tried to reach the NODAL AP, No Response. Irresponsbility.

06:00PM Called the 9849551502 - Sai Akshra Agencies (As per website). One who picked the phone is saying that, this not Sai Akshra Agencies (in Hindi). CHEATING.

06:10PM Called the Tamilnadu Nodal AP 044 43411434. It says number doesnt exists. Whole system is Improper.

06:20PM Called the Customer Care and spoke with Anil and raised the Complaint No: 896453463.

Sent a Phonogram to Sun Direct Andhrapradesh
(Day 9: Call No: 14, Email: 34 – Complaints Registered 4)

Successful 10th Day No Service Tan Tanna Tan…