stop work started in aaray colony to maitain greenery.

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Petitioning: Commissioner of Greater Mumbai Municipal Corpration

Petitioner: GOPAL PUJAR started on September 23, 2014

stop work started in aaray colony to maitain greenery.

Recently an activity of dumping mud on the bushes and small trees, and cutting tree branches is going on in Aaray colony by the side of Marol Maroshi road, near JVLR bridge (on the other side of Reliance Energy Training Centre) . It appears that some construction is coming up. This will reduce the greenery and spoil the only largest green belt left in Mumbai which is like heart of Mumbai giving us lot of oxygen and greenery to our eyes.

This should be stopped. Otherwise whole of Aaray colony will become a concrete jungle soon and we will be deprived of the greenery and source of oxygen. Hundreds of people including senior citizens are going to Aaray colony for morning walk and jogging from Marol and they will be deprived of greenery and oxygen.

What ever activity is going on may be shifted to out side Aaray Colony to maintain the environment.