Stop the animal slaughter on the show "Man Vs. Wild"

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Petitioning: Discovery Channel

Petitioner: Jayantugra started on December 13, 2009

Stop the animal slaughter on the show "Man Vs. Wild"

Man vs. Wild is an entertainment survival television series hosted by Bear Grylls (Full name: Edward Michael Grylls), on the Discovery Channel.

The format of this show revolves around the senseless killing of harmless animals by the host Bear Grylls which includes bashing the head of a snake, stabbing a bear in the chest, killing a lizard by throwing it at a tree, biting a frogs head off...all in the name of survival.

This TV show has committed terrible animal abuse crimes and its a shame that a nature conservation monger like Discovery Channel indulges in such blood lust. It is not OK to kill animals in the name of entertainment. Do sign the petition to stop Discovery Channel's and Bear Grylls barbaric gutless acts.

Along with signing the petition, please do log on to Discovery Channel Customer service website and voice you opinion.

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Jayant Ugra