Stop Statue Politics and Save Money to feed Poors

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Petitioning: Narendra Modi - BJP

Petitioner: Shah Alam started on February 18, 2015

Stop Statue Politics and Save Money to feed Poors

Talking about getting our priorities wrong, here is a classic example. First it was the Sardar Patel statue, now the Sivaji statues each costing a whooping 2900+ and 2000 crores respectively. Even while critics have frowned upon subsidies of basic amenities to the poor citing free market economics, it is a blatant misuse of public money to erect statues worth few thousand of crores even while farmers are committing suicide in the statues own back yard after having fallen into the debt trap.

There are infinite number of things which can be done with this crores of money to help the needy especially our hard working farmers. For instance a few thousand crores is all it takes to settle insurance claims for farmers all over India. India as a trillion dollar economy is not dearth of money, its the lack of intent which is costing the poor man's life.

For the excusers who said these statues drive in indian tourism industry,,, it should be clear that when Mayawati statue park of 3000 crore have not a any affect on indian tourism then how these Modi made statue would boost indian tourism... Its just white lie