Stop pension to Ministers

  4 (Goal: 10,000)

Petitioning: Ministers elected in Parliament and Assemblies and elected Corporators

Petitioner: Anil Thadathil started on March 25, 2017

Our Government is radically behind people to return the gas subsidies. Ministers elected in Parliament as well as Legislative Assemblies and Corporators / Councillors too are Government servants. It is also a career involved in social welfare of the state as well as our country, India. It should be strictly maintained that Ministers, Corporators and Councillors who are elected not less than four times or not have served as members of Parliament, members of Legislative Assemblies, Corporators and Councillors for less than 20 years. It is justified request as it is public funds. And Ministers, Corporators and Councillors are Government servants.

Also a practice has to be carried out wherein the candidates who ever files nomination has to seek eligibility or approval from Election Commissioner. The application and the documents of the candidate has to pass through various investigative channels. This will ensure more cleaner Ministers who would be least or non-corrupt