1 (Goal: 500,000)

Petitioning: All Indian Citizen

Petitioner: Harsh started on November 12, 2014

During Diwali a lot of money is spent on firecrackers.I appeal all citizens of India to rise against this poor culture due to the following reasons:

1)Firecrackers when burns leaves poisonous gases that ia harmful to all living creatures including humans

2)The noise from firecrackers is not at pleasant levels but outside the limits of decency

3)Many incidences and accidents takes place due to firecrackers and many people loose their loved ones or become handicap for life

4)Firecrackers are made in factories which employ children under unhuman conditions

5)Firecrackers are also imported from China and hence our valuable foreign currency is used for furthering China's Industry

Let us make Diwali a celebration of Love.

Let us celebrate Diwali in a way Lord Ram was Greeted by people of Ayodhya ie by lightening Diyas.

Let us spend the money to educate a poor child/Feed a poor human/uplift the one who is in need of help instead of buying firecrackers.

Be a true Hindu......Celebrate love not nuisance......

Let us make the Diwali a TRUE DIWALI FOR ALL