special category status to Andhra Pradesh

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Petitioning: Andhra Pradesh is awaiting ‘Special status category state’ from central govt.

Petitioner: Mvkr started on January 25, 2015

Every telugu people seeking ....The 'Special Status' to Andhra Pradesh state is likely to get too delay...

Andhra Pradesh is facing a lot of problems such as
availability of funds,
river water sharing,
Agriculture projects,
Educational Institutions,
self employment,
IT professionals,
law and order,
government departments un stability etc....

Moreover with the recent devastating Hudhud cyclone things have turned all the more worst for all sectors like agriculture, export, tourism, pharma etc.

Coming to previous issues...However for the implementation of Ex Prime minister sri. Man Mohan singh promises Special Category Status will be extended to the successor state of Andhra Pradesh comprising 13 districts, including the four districts of Rayalaseema and the three districts of north coastal Andhra for a period of five years. This will put the state's finances on a firmer footing.

He also promises such as tax incentives, special status needed more in-depth analysis, so that they wouldn't face any hurdles in the future. At that time opposition government BJP leaders also supported.

Tax holiday to AP state might get revolt from neighbouring states and the government wants to wait till, BJP has sufficient backing in the National Development Council. The Union government is also looking for other options to grant AP few incentives which could put less burden on the state's financial matters.

So dont delay on this issue... Especially BJP government is try to get special category status to Andhra pradesh.