Sound Pollution with High VolumeCity Bus Horns-Save the nearby Resdts/patients

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Petitioning: A.P.S.R.T.C. to reduce of High Volume Bus Horns to prevent SOUND POLLUTION.

Petitioner: SOUND POLLUTION started on January 31, 2015


Recently a City Bus Stop, opposite to the District Judge Court, Visakhapatnam is located in a narrow road, leaving a wide Road in front of the C,M.R.Shoppig mall. That besides the Road there are Residential houses and apartments, wherein there are some patients with much serious diseases like Heart trouble, etc. That a No. of City Buses in Visakhapatnam are running via C.M.R.Shopping Mall. i.e. in front of the District Courts. That the Drivers of the said buses have been blowing Horns with much High Volume, at times repeatedly and continuously. That the residents in that locality, particularly the inmates of apartments, situate abutting to the said Bus Stop are suffering a lot, especially the Heart patients and at times being hospitalized due to high volume of Horns. It is causing much SOUND POLLUTION and affecting the public health

A representation is made to the District Collector & concerned Departments.

Please take an appropriate immediate action, if necessary by erecting NO HORN boards and by posting a Police man to make the City Bus Drivers to follow the traffic rules and see that there may not be any causalities due to SOUND POLLUTION WITH CONTINUOUS HIGH VOLUME OF VEHICLE - HORNS, especially CITY BUS HORNS, near the City Bus Stop, Opposite to District Judge Court.