Revolutionaries Day

  27 (Goal: 500,000)

Petitioning: "Revolutionaries Day"

Petitioner: Mitra started on September 14, 2015

Freedom is the most valuable and basic right a human can have. We as Indians do not understand the true value of freedom unless and until there are some sort of bindings or restrictions put on us. Although we do celebrate Independence day with grand fervour every year, it is a big irony that there is very little thought given to the people responsible for this day. For over 6 decades now, the people of India have experienced the liberties of a free country. But there is not even a single day which is marked for the great breed of people called as "Indian Revolutionaries", to celebrate their sacrifices, motivation, determination, pain and hard work which brought about the freedom of this great country. As a current citizen of India and as a common man, I might have not contributed to the freedom movement, but at least I am proud of the people for whom we can call ourself a free country and I am sure there are millions of others who feel the same. The least we can do is to celebrate just one day of the year in remembering this great bunch of people to whom we owe our suppression free past, present and future. This petition is to the government of India to designate just one day as "Revolutionaries Day". This would not only be a salute to the efforts of these great people but will also serve as a reminder to the current generation to learn the qualities our revolutionaries had and go ahead in life with that zeal.

I request all my fellow countrymen who share my sentiments to sign this online petition and support in this movement.