Requesting Ban Shiv Sena

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Petitioning: Shiv Sena

Petitioner: Ravi started on November 4, 2015

Requesting Ban Shiv Sena

In the recent time, whatever I heard in news about Shiv Sena, it seems that one party became God and punish innocent people without considering the constitutional right of individuals...............isnot itsounds like Shiv sena is the only governing authority of Maharastra and rest of the people have to follow whatever they decided for us?

I want to express my deep concern about such parties who supersede our constitution's rights and individual freedom. I just want a environment where government/constitution is the only authority to decide what is right or wrong instead of any such party.

Please help me to strengthen our constitution and support me to stop any party who treat themself as God and punish people themself.

Thanks and hoping you will get it in positive sense only.