Protest Against END OF GANER OPARE ON 16th APRIL

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Petitioner: Krishanu started on March 22, 2011

Protest Against END OF GANER OPARE ON 16th APRIL

We, all Ganer Opare lovers across the globe (all facebook, orkut, blog members and all social networking sites) plus the Ganer Opare lovers who don’t access internet , protest against the STAR JALSHA channel and Ganer Opare management (IDEAS CREATION & PRODUCTION Pvt. Ltd), and we are not going to accept untimely ending (16 April 2011) by any means.

The serial should be allowed to end convincingly, and this is not only our request but protest against authorities too. 25 ey boishakh(10th may) / 28 June , er agey bondho kora jaabe na. Infect Ganer Opare should have continued for about 4 months for proper completion of storyline.
This is utter nonsense and worst form of betrayal. We the viewers feel sabotaged.

Ganer Opare was started last year to celebrate the 150th birth year of Rabindranath Tagore. In the time span too many hurdles came. Hurdles of TRPs, public acceptance, and acceptance of elite class.

But ultimately it passed all the hurdles and cleared all the examinations of uncertainty with distinction. Though it has started middle of last year but the flavor, the real essence has just started off. It has been accepted and loved by all class of people and by all ages, and the whole thing has just taken off now. The serial is "path breaking" and is like "New Moon" at present. There is huge underneath storyline left to decipher and so many angles to complete for it to transform into "Full Moon". And there are too much stuff left to be answered, slowly and steadily. And so if Ganer Opare is being forced to be completed within 16th April 2011, the ending will be unconvincing and hurried.

If other serials can continue for more than 2 years, Ganer Opare should be at least allowed to continue for a period till it takes to complete convincingly. Especially how can Ganer Opare end before 28 June 2011, that’s the complete cycle of 1 year, most importantly before 25 ey boishakh?????????

Hurried endings destroy all the good moments and magical flavors and colors of the particular show we love. And seriously we don’t want that to happen with our favorite Ganer Opare. Ganer Opare has become our life and its untimely ending will leave bad taste and nightmares in our lives.

So, Support this protest petition. We Want GANER OPARE.