Political Reforms

  1 (Goal: 50)

Petitioning: State governments n Central governments n election commission of India.

Petitioner: Nitin Deshmukh started on May 13, 2017

Political Reforms~If a comman man wants to get a job he ve to fulfill certain criteria like degrees(Education).But there is no criteria for the politicians to ve a degree.Gov must change this criteria to education degrees for MP,MLA,CORPORATORS,GRAMPANCHYAT MEMBBERS.Today we r living in a modern era if someone ve low or don't ve education background how he will understand the people or serve the nation with 100 % his abilities.
Secondly there must be count on contesting the election of MP,MLA etc.If we set the count on contesting the election.There will be no political parivarvad or it will be reduced drastically.So the young good people will enter into politics.This parivarvad has damaged the entire political system or it leads dangerously to corruption.So the count on contesting the election is necessary.
Third one is that there must be one child one marriage policies for the politicians who r in politics.This will also reduce corruption,parivarvad in politics
If these rules r implemented there will be definitely change in political system of India.