Petition against 18%GST on takeaway food of restaurants having some portion AC c

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Petitioning: To reduce existing 18% GST to 12% GST for any takeaway food of any restaurant AC

Petitioner: Abhijit majumdar started on September 2, 2017

I went to one of the most reknowed food joints of Guwahati they charged me 18% GST with the logic that they have a AC restaurant on the First floor.

1.Presently as per CBEC the GST charged for takeaway food for restaurants where any of its portion is AC is 18% which is not justified as if someone​is not using the facility of AC why should one pay extra 6% GST.
2. Ideology of GST is to collect more tax from people who can afford and give exemption on the basic items.So with that logic the AC and Non AC should have different GST slabs.
3.Govt can not just charge flat tax rate as it is difficult to segregate the same restaurant in two different tax slabs instead some other solution should be sought.

Please sign the petition and share it to every person you know, we don't mind paying tax but it has to be logical and justified.