Lowest common prices for farmers

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Petitioning: Government

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 26, 2009

Even in these times when the rates of vegetables, cereals, grains and fruits are skyrocketing, and when there is a forever-shortage of food grains in the country, many farmers are either quitting farming or migrating to other cities and other businesses, or worse still committing suicides. India's agricultural production is going down when we need the opposite trend to feed the over 1 billion population.

Farmers committing suicide, because of failed crops, or failure to sell their products, has become a weekly news, but was hitherto heard till last decade. The basic reason is over-exploitation of farmers for commercial gains. Sometimes farmers are forced to destroy their own produce because there is no buyer, and sometimes there is a dearth of suppliers of same goods. To overcome the former situation government should not just fix a decent common pricing for farmers who can't sell their products in open market but implement the existing procedures, without corruption.