SUN DTH - No refund even when unable to provide service

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Petitioning: SUN DTH

Petitioner: Arun started on December 16, 2010

We were unable to view channels through SUN DTH and we have been requesting for realignment of dish since one and half month and no one has approached till now.
More over am not getting any channels it has been deactivated by sundirect.

I have been repeatedly calling and following up there is no response to my complaint nos 1-1102520046, SUN48379).

When am reaching for the status of this complaints they are simply saying that the details has been forwarded to technical they will come & resolve the problem as soon as possible. But till now no one from sun direct has turned up.

Even though they are not providing service they have topped up my account based on the balance in account even though I had raised complaint to recharge only after the problem is resolved. Why Should I pay when there is no service, when I requested to cancel my connection and refund money they are doing that also.