No lifeguards on beaches

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Petitioning: beaches

Petitioner: Pawan Kapoor started on July 27, 2015


Today i.e. 26th July 2015 me and my wife webt on marve beach malad west. All of sudden heard a voice who was a women screaming and crying to save her child from drowning, but was helpless and by the time firebrigade and police came in her son was past away and was not able to do anything to save him.

Just imagine what the situation would be when all this happened and what could be the state of mind of a family who had come to enjoy with their kids and lost 1 of them on the spot.

I truely beleive its parents responsibility to make sure that their childrens are not out of their reach at such places but what about if there would be a life saving gaurd available who knows to swim and knows that location well?

We then might have been able to save a child whose body is yet not found. I want to sign in for petitiin to the govt to keep lifelifeguards available all the time on beaches as this is not the 1st instance and we shall beleive in himan life importance.

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