Need an International Airport for Industrial City Kanpur

  21 (Goal: 500,000)

Petitioning: Well It's high time now as now flights from Kanpur Airport is needed.

Petitioner: Srivrat Sharma started on July 15, 2016

Now there is a need for to and fro flights from Kanpur Airport and now it's not a need but have become like a necessity for Kanpurites.

As Kanpur the city which provides government highest returns in terms of GDP, and other taxes is being neglected by the Central and State Government .So we need to highlight this thing to our government and It's a fact that Kanpur is one of the top ten metropolitan cities of India.

So government has to open their eyes and should develop an International Airport in Kanpur for the well being of Kanpurites.

One thing more I would like to showcase that all three luxurious brands showrooms are present in our Kanpur .And this was the speech made by the BMW President and CEO Mr. Philip Von Sahhr while he was opening the showroom in Kanpur that we have opened our Showroom in Kanpur only because most of the billionaires belong to Kanpur and we know we can cater their needs .

And now at last these was the words of the Civil Aviation Minister Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati, who said 30% of the commuters from Lucknow Airport are from Kanpur and now we don't want to travel a long journey of 80 KM from Kanpur to Lucknow just to catch a flight for different cities of India and other countries.

So now it's our job to highlight this issue to our government so that they can understand our need.