Need Signing 5 Lacs Hands to supp #GoBackPakActors - share this msg

  16 (Goal: 500,000)

Petitioning: My target is to boycott pakistani actors to get boycotted from India.

Petitioner: AapfreeIndia OnTwitter started on September 24, 2016

Need  Signing 5 Lacs Hands to supp #GoBackPakActors - share this msg

i urge all to support #GoBackPakActor. The reason why i am loding this online petition is that this people are indirect source of funds to terror supporter PAK.
as these people earn money from india and pay tax to pak, so At the end of the day we are financing terror.
i know we love singers actors, even i loved atif aslam songs, but after so many brutal killings by PAK.
I have decided that my country comes first.

So i appreciate if you help sharing me this message & raising this voice.
this will surely help isolating pak who bans indian movies, actor etc. as they know if they are going to supp indian bollywood, so indirectly financing india.
if they can do why not india?

i will appreciate every single hand helping me to achieve this dream.

Manoj Singh
twitter: @iManojSingh