Mumbai to have Sea Link vis a vis Coastal Road

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Petitioner: Wake Up Bandra started on April 11, 2015

Mumbai to have Sea Link vis a vis Coastal Road

Hon C M of Maharashtra,

Dear Devendra Fadnavis,

We request you to think again on the above issue and kindly consider our views.

The Sea Link is according to us planned all the way up to and beyond Versova. The Coastal Road was proposed by the earlier CM, at which time we were against his proposal. We were waiting for details of the alignment, and the plan, before we protested loudly.

The Sealink is ready in all respects, and is ready for tendering, for which engineers are in position at the office at Bandra.

The Sealink, as we understand will be an Expressway, and will go right around Mumbai; it will have outlets for every town on its way, Bandra, South Juhu, North Juhu, Versova, Andheri, Jogeshwari, Goregaon and so on. This will take the load off of traffic travelling on the Western Expressway, the S. V. Road, Linking Road, and all the little roads in between going north /south, which are clogged with traffic being dumped off the Sea Link at Bandra.

Travelling anywhere from Bandra to the north has become a nightmare for commuters, and takes 2 to 3 hours to reach Kandivli from, for instance, Khar. This can be relieved by a Sea Link which cannot become another local road. It is very important that the new road does not become a local road, clogged with slow moving traffic going in all directions.

The Sea Link should be completed on priority, as any disturbance in the existing routes/roads would make a nightmare into Hell for commuters. Even if the Juhu South and Juhu North and the Versova exits from the Sealink are completed at the earliest, that would help. Going further should be completed as soon as this is complete, seemlessly.

The important point for making Mumbai a financial Hub is Infrastructure, to get people to work and back home again. Our work force spends 3 to 5 hours in getting to work and returning home at night; travelling in grueling conditions, of unimaginable hard ship. People are worn out before they get to their work place.

We are Mumbaikars, we need Timely service and support with good infrastructure in our premium city.