Minimum educational qualification and retirement for politicians

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Petitioning: To have minimum education where politicians can read oath properly

Petitioner: Ragz started on November 21, 2015

We have noticed via recent elections where members of legislative assembly/parliament are unable to read oath taking ceremonial message as mentioned. Such incidents are becoming more frequent and reporting a wrong message to common which means, without any educational qualification anyone can become rule with family background.

I suppose this needs a change in Indian political system where one person from one family be a allowed to be politician with minimum educational qualification. Thereby setting example as role model to the whole region and allowing other people from the constituency given chance to compete.

And also, we should have retirement age like all other governed professions where 60 /65 years of age is defined as retirement. Such way, all season politicians will be helping the nation in governing and laying a strong platform for the ruling parties rather than serving as front end people directly serving people.