Make in India, but not at the cost of the environment!

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Petitioning: Prime Minister of India

Petitioner: Anuja Rege started on January 25, 2015

Make in India, but not at the cost of the environment!

Recently, the Maharashtra Government scrapped River Regulation Zone (RRZ) policy to curb industrial pollution along the state’s river basin. This is to make the state more business-friendly for the "Make in Maharashtra" campaign that is a part of the Government's "Make in India" campaign.

We don't need another Bhopal Gas Tragedy.
We don't need development that harms our lives.

The State govt. stated that they will now focus on ways to actually prevent pollution by ensuring industries install effluent treatment plants, and thought that the RRZ policy was a hindrance to growth of industry. But without a strict policy in place, industrialists can hamper the environment to no ends.

Sign the petition to request the PM to impose stricter laws to save the environment when "Making in India"! No development is useful that harms human lives!

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