Maintenance required for Delhi Zoological Park

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Petitioning: Delhi Zoological Park requires maintenance

Petitioner: Parul wadhwa started on February 15, 2018

Delhi , the nations capital as we all say is the main tourist attraction whenever someone visits india or is travelling within India. I have a 2 year old niece who wanted to go to Delhi Zoo, one fine day i decided to take her to zoo. The condition of Delhi zoo is disheartening as the animals are kept under worse condition, they do not have adequate amenities. The place is not worth spending time with your kids. There are hardly any animals or birds which your kids can enjoy watching. The place is not at all clean, the pit holes have water logging and the monkeys are roaming openly on roads which makes the place all the more unsafe for kids. There are many barren lands wherein they can plant trees or flowers and make it look attractive.

I am hereby filing this petition to request the Delhi goverment to work on the place by increasing the number of animals in the zoo , feeding them with proper food and making the place clean and worth visiting.

Please support this cause as zoo is one of the places where children can get in contact with nature and its creatures, it is for the betterment of our next generation.

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