Kejriwal govt stop playing with middle class of Delhi with odd and even car rule

  2 (Goal: 1,000)

Petitioning: CM of Delhi

Petitioner: Koul Deepak started on December 6, 2015

This ill conceived move to ban cars with odd and even numbers on alternate days is just a ploy to score some TRPs while leaving middle class of Delhi and NCR hassled in winters, while Delhi government of Arvind Kejriwal has done nothing to improve public transport since it came to power it has resorted to tactics which will hugely impact aam aadmi of Delhi while powerful, politically connected people of Delhi would continue to enjoy their rides. It is inconceivable a person would be unable to take out his car in case of emergencies on some days, this ploy will impact those car owners who own a single car while many having multiple cars would not be hasseled. Thus this move is effectively against Aam Aadmi by Kejriwal government, let's all Delhi people raise voice against this biased and idiotoc move by Kejriwal governmwmt.