Isn't It Enough? Dirty Politics shaming the Country & Its people.

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Petitioning: We, The People of Republic Of INDIA

Petitioner: Abhishek started on October 4, 2016

To start with, since I am not into writing and that too legally correct statements, kindly excuse if there is any incorrect word, grammar in my attempt to raise a concern which I think most of us have.

I want your support for few of the below mentioned points, which I feel is shaming the country's honor and corrupting mindset of current and future generation to come.


1. Under the guise of "Freedom of speech & expression", few take liberty to speak whatever they want to, no matter how crap it is. Soldiers are killed and people play politics, try to gain publicity etc, why? I, along with your support want the government, the constitution to formulate a policy in which if any person does any kind of statement, act which demeans the country or its armed forces, he /she should be asked to undergo same hardship and activities which a soldier does for a fixed period of time and this should be mandatory and without any perks. (In line with the punishment of performing community services which many country has). If anyone doubts the role and contribution which a soldier does, he / she should be FORCED to be a soldier till they realize what it takes to be a soldier. If anyone doubts the pain through which a soldier's family undergo, the longing when he is posted for ages away from his family, then that person should also be forcefully kept on duty on the country's border to understand the trauma, the pain. And if ANY PUBLIC SERVANT, ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE DEMEANS THE NATION, he / she should be sacked from all public post, why wait for his / her party to take action and as a routine claim " that the statement made is his / her personal and the party has no relation to it".

2. There should be provision in law & constitution, under which the people have the rights & power to recall any elected government or its representative, whom we have elected, but they prove to be a mistake, based on their behavior, performance, act, statements after they are elected and in power.

3. Since the Prime Minister is an elected head of the Country ( No matter which ever party he belongs too.), he / she should always be addressed with respect by all & every person of the country.

There are many many more issues on which WE need support, If you have any create your petition or mail me, also if any suggestion for any correction, changes in the above do write to me, this is for US. If you agree with, kindly share with your contact to garner more support.
PS. I have deliberately not mentioned any name in my petition, but I am sure we all know who we are talking for. And its not that I am afraid, but just because the list of people who speak crap about their own MOTHER LAND, is long, but way to small compared to the list of people who LOVE INDIA.