Help eradicate the practice of Spitting in public places

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Petitioning: Satyamev Jayate, Municipal Corporation of India

Petitioner: Sonia started on January 10, 2014

My name is Sonia and I'm from Jammu. Like any other Indian I've also experienced instances where I've seen my own countrymen being negligent and disrespectful towards their very own nation. India is such a beautiful country but it's own people are ruining it's beauty. They are making it untidy and unpleasant. They treat it like a garbage bin. They throw junk every where, litter anywhere, spit where ever they like and more over pee at public places. You can easily find piles of garbage lying here and there in our country. And nobody seems to care about that. People urinate on roadsides, public parks, on the walls of buildings and various other places where such a scornful behaviour is unacceptable. But as of now I want to start a petition to end the practice of 'Spitting in Public Places' in India. In our country people spit anywhere they like. They don't just spit generally, they spit while chewing paan, supari, gutkha, etc which leaves a permanent mark where ever they have spat. They spit on the public walls, pathways, trees, poles, seems like everywhere. And they don't just spit on the outside, they spit on the inside of various government buildings too, even government hospitals which are meant to be clean and nobody can stop them from doing that. All I want is a strict law or a rule which can stop such practices. But laws or rules alone cannot end this, the people have to be aware and they themselves need to take the necessary steps. They have to change. They have to take the responsibility to keep their country clean. The people from other countries see India as a dirty place. People of our country need to realise that by cluttering their country they are not only staining their country's image but it is affecting them on personal levels too. The filthy atmosphere they create is the cause of various diseases in India. Do they like seeing their family members suffer from those diseases? And besides don't they realise that they are making the very place they live in dirty, where their future generations might also live? How they are going to survive in such a place?
Please sign this petition if you feel the same way and show your support. Also help in spreading awareness about this crucial issue.