Excessive Advertisements at Movie Theaters.

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Petitioning: PVR Cinemas

Petitioner: Adarsh Joshi started on October 2, 2017

Excessive Advertisements at Movie Theaters.

We are paying on an average 300 to 400 bucks on single movie ticket, but when we see the theaters running excessive advertisements for 20-30 min and at the same time even repeating some of them, we get irritated. Why would we pay to see advertisements at theaters when we can do that at home while watching T.V. There has to be a balance between the advertisements and upcoming movie trailers. As we understand the importance of advertisements for theater operators they should also respect the value of our time. Showing very limited say 1 or 2 advertisements won't hurt anyone but 30 min of advertisements in between 2 hours of movie is a little too much. I hope the Theater operators work on the issue and respect our time.

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