Encroachment of Public Pavement in connivance with NWD Police and NorthDMC

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Petitioning: NWD Delhi Police, DPCC and North MCD

Petitioner: Surrender K Singal started on February 9, 2017

Pavements of Priyadarshini Park of Gujranwala Town Block 'A' Part - 1 on Brahma Kumaris Marg has been encroached upon by POLLUTING open kitchens / Chulhas / Bar-Be-Ques / kiosks in connivance with Model Town Police Personnel in the garb of fake Teh Bazari Benami Slips even though North MCD itself has no rights to offer these pavements on Teh Bazari in any manner; Such stalls / hawkers / kiosks are inviting / serving Drive-In customers (some of whom may be consuming liquor in the vehicles) with Police turning a blind eye. Traffic on this link road between G T Karnal Road and Model Town invariably gets jammed during peak evening hours due to such haphazardly parked Drive-In customers and there is no visible concern shown by Traffic Police either, who have been ignoring ill-parked vehicles, occupying almost half of the road every evening even at Traffic Lights crossing where walk in customers of a corner Sweet Shop offend all civic norms without any check from the authorities;
May better law and order be maintained by these authorities instead of turning blind eye !
Jai shree Ram !