Down with Jism 2

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Petitioning: Sunny Leone, Pooja Bhatt, Fisheye network, Mahesh Bhatt

Petitioner: JS started on July 3, 2012

My concern here is 'The Acceptance of a Current Pornstar (sunny leone) as an Actor in Mumbai Industry'. In the Big Boss 5 scenario it was implied that Sunny was using the Big Boss 5 as a platform to promote her Porn business abroad, indirectly or directly.

Similarly, the Promotion of Jism 2, its shooting and other related matters are promoting her Porn Business through her websites etc. She is generating income from various Indians of all ages, her identity itself is a promoting factor. People visit her site and other stuff to know who she is?

When we start accepting a Current Pornstar or a former One in our society - It offers the inhabitants of society 'A Reason to Accept Porn as a Career Option, simply because it brings in Quick Cash' and because it is being accepted without any qualms.

My concern - Propagation of the thought that 'Porn is Acceptable and OK' as a career. We do have a Porn industry but it has not been accepted Openly and Widely. A Pornstar of Indian origin is looking to do that, consciously or otherwise.

So do we want 'Our Daughters, acquaintances, peers etc. to adopt this as profession because it is being "Accepted" and "Considered Fine".