Curtail Black Market

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Petitioning: Police

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 26, 2009

Like any other economy, India also faces the problem of black market. The Indian black market deals with buying and selling of goods and services illegally. However, the black market in India should be the last place to be visited by a tourist and that too if he/she wants to invite trouble! Black marketing in India is as illegal as it is in any other country and those found guilty of dealing with the black market are often punished severely. The fines can run into several thousands of dollars.

Black markets develop when the Government places certain limitations on the production or provision of goods and services. During such situations, black markets take advantage and buy and sell these prohibited commodities illegally. The transactions are done under hush-hush conditions, necessarily in the dark, hence the name black market. The people handling these transactions are very clever and will do anything to save their faces if caught in a scam.

Local police should actively pursue the problem of black marketing and hoarding and put an end to artificial distortions in demand and supply forces of free market.