Close all big shops who expanding outlets, to survive common businessman

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Petitioning: Bigbazar ,v2 reliance trend,digitial and all, Kolkata BASAR, metro BAzar , etc

Petitioner: Saroj Patro started on October 2, 2016

Big companies buy at bulk and sell at less price with lot of Advt. capture mkt but a local retailer never can do this in result we have loose profit and sales decrease but expenses like electricity or staffsalary etc increase , lot of small business man shutdown their shop with huge loss and starts working here there and also more chance people attract towards crime

Individually I can't do anything but iflot of people support then govt can do any thing , and can give us a good future .

When a local person if buys anything from a big company outlet shop means that much of money is going out from that local to companies pocket , for eg if in a town 10 such outlets r there and if in average each selling 5lakhs means 10*5=50lakhs money of that local money going out means slowly that local loosing their local support what in result slowly indirectly it effects other business .and we all must know if a middle people loose his business then how it's difficult for him to survive

I request everyone to sing so that India govt would take some step