clear the stagnated lakes!

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Petitioning: to make the stagnated lakes in my vicinity reusable!

Petitioner: Jahnavi started on February 19, 2013

As part of my work I travel to GUNTUR(Andhra Pradesh) daily. On the way I find huge lakes occupied with reef and plastics. These lakes would otherwise serve as a huge supplement of water resource if cleared and brought in to an usable condition. So, the main points of my plea are
1. the local municipality to first identify the lakes in its vicinity of say, 20 km.
2. Clear the stagnated waste, plastics and reef in the lakes.
3. take measures that the stagnation does not repeat in the future by properly protecting the banks.
4. bring the lakes to reusable conditions.
I would be really greatful if this can be done immediately.