clean india

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Petitioning: the citizens and the government

Petitioner: A cause started on March 25, 2018

our country is developing at a rapid rate on one side and worsening over the other end.Out of many things, the one that needs immediate attention is our environment. India in western media is not only known for its spice and bollywood but also for the civic sense and the unclean state it is in. Ignoring the fact doesn't help anyone. It really doesn't matter what the world think of us, but we need to wake ourselves up and see what's around us. We spit everywhere,doesn't care about the waste we throw out of the windows of automobiles, how it will affect our environment,,though this sounds like old school there is not yet an end to it.It real is true that India is now in the hands of youth. so,if we make this opportunity as fruitful as possible we can turn over a new leaf. Making "swachh Bharath" mandatory in all schools and colleges across India and providing the necessary equipments for safety and cleaning, I see India glitter more beautifully than it ever did. Ofcourse cleaning alone wont solve the mess, it should be maintained too,so making stricter laws would fill the loopholes.I hope this petition finds its way across the ocean and reach in the hands of authorities who can consider this as a valid point to be taken into account.
- By a hopeful youth of India