Build the New Tilak Bridge

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Petitioning: The Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palika

Petitioner: Save Dadar started on January 11, 2017

Build the New Tilak Bridge

Dadar, the heart of Mumbai is witnessing an unprecedented swelling in vehicular Traffic. And to add to its woes, Dadar witnesses a major footfall day in and day out since it is only at Dadar, that both the Central and the Western Suburban Railways come closest to one another, making it easier for people to do the switch over.
Dadar is a melting pot of people of all kinds, of all ages, of all affiliations and of all strata of Society at large, together all of which goes to make it "Our Beloved Mumbai".
Dadar has witnessed and will continue to witness many a political events and it is here that the suburbs of Mumbai meet the so called upscale or elite South of it.
Mumbai being a narrow peninsular land locked city, majority of its Traffic movement was and still is in a linear South-North direction. But despite the Peninsular South Mumbai being a linear city the British had long ago realised the importance of the East-West Connectivity. They built such East-West bridges all across the town and more importantly at all of the railway stations. In a place where it may not have been easily possible for them to build one, they even built the famous S-bridge at Byculla.
And the last (i.e. the northernmost) of their thus built bridges is the famous Tilak Bridge which is at the heart of Dadar and at the heart of this topic.
The Tilak Bridge is nearly a century old structure (built in 1923), and is desperately in need of replacement and one cannot imagine what will the traffic situation be, as and when the government is forced to shut it down for repairs/ replacement, however temporarily that might be.
A master plan to sort out the current traffic situation and also to build a substitute bridge, let us say, The New Tilak Bridge, is offered here on this community page and your positive response is solicited since without people's support it is impossible to achieve that which is proposed.
And the best part of the entire proposal is, that it is quite easily achievable i.e. not too many people get affected adversely with the proposed plan and also that we can actually execute this entire plan without antagonising the present day heavy traffic which uses the Old Tilak Bridge. Needless to say, team work (of various government bodies, departments) and political will (to execute the plan) is essential for the same.
And we the people, can ensure that the government is forced to take notice of the proposal by rallying behind the cause.

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