Bpsc mismanagment

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Petitioning: Get right to give exam

Petitioner: DEV started on February 12, 2017

Respected sir
Subject; Regarding BPSC managment and anomalies
Dear sir
I want to draw your attention toward grave concern of thousand of students future which are struggling for their admit card of 60-62 BPSC which is going to held on 12 Feb 2017 only due to technical fault of BPSC website.
Sir we have filled all 3 stage of form of in early stage, But at that time there was problem in their server so screen disappears after submission, which we thought the symbol of submission, but at time when admit card isued by BPSC our admit card is not there then we come to know that our llast stage form has not submitted due to their technical fault of BPSC website, even Bpsc not need to intimate us by any means that u have not submitted ur form, although our contact number, email id and examination fee has already taken.
On behalf of these irregularities we have filed civil writ petition in High court of Patna in the bench of HON Dr Ravi ranjan dated 31/12/2016 case no 1779, Nishant Kumar and others vs State of Bihar. The judgement allowed only 34 petitioner to sit in the exam , and BPSC even not produced the exact aggrieved student (which is number of 14000) in front of HON judge. Against this judgement BPSC filed LPA in double bench but withdraw it later when prior judgement has uphold.
Sir only due to failure of producing aggrieved number of students, Hon judge not able to allow all of us for the admit card and he allowed only petitioner(which he think only sufferer). Because number of sufferer is very large so they dont want to show.

I urge you to pay heed your attention toward this urgent matter in lieu of violation of Art 14 which say that equality before the law, the right to equal treatment in similar circumstance, like should be treated alike.

This discriminating nature of commission owing to to their incapabilities imposing burden not only us but many who have believe in constitution, but BPSC forget all things.

However those 34 petitioner who get admit card they lost their precious 15 days time just before the examination only in getting admit card. They will get admit card on 11Feb 2017 and exam is on 12 Feb 2017. This is truly injustice to them.

Mahatma gandhi felt that our progress towards the goal will be in exact proportion to the purity of our means ie. truth. Gandhiji explicitly rejected the doctrine that the end justify means. sir we have taken the path of truth and believe that Truth may suffer for some time but wins.

so please do some thing for us.
please find aggerived students who in contact of us

with regards
Aggerived BPSC (60-62) Aspirants