Blacklist Eureka Forbes for cheating and haressing agencies

  1 (Goal: 10,000)

Petitioning: Eureka Forbes should be blacklisted by all creative agencies and freelancers

Petitioner: Varuna Singh started on December 7, 2016

We are a registered vendor with Eureka Forbes and were engaged in a 50,000/- project with them. After final briefing we delivered everything exactly as per the requirements. We have proofs showing minutest detail to support what we claim.

The cheating and lying management:
Pratik Singhania, Marketing Manager
Shashank Sinha, AVP Marketing
Marzin Shroff, CEO of the company

were all made aware of the cheating and deception and were being followed up for a meeting.

Shashank Sinha being the AVP sent us a sarcastic and an unprofessional mail because we tried to reach out to him to solve the matter. I have never seen someone as unprofessional, unethical, ignorant and inefficient person being promoted to the level of AVP. Only a company like EFL can be seen taking such casual decissions.

After realising that it is their fault they just did not meet us and are now not paying us the money. This is not about the money but more about the deceptive and cheating conduct by a company's management.

The lying and cheating companies think that they can be unfair and deceive businesses just because they work in a big company.

All complaint forums and teir own FB page is flooding with customer complaints. People call them a fake/fraud/worst possible company.