Be more responsible Member of Parliament by functioning properly

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Petitioning: Parliament of India

Petitioner: Kumar Kuntikanamata started on August 13, 2015

Be more responsible Member of Parliament by functioning properly

Dear member of Indian Parliament,

You may be representing any party but your primary duty is to represent constituency properly by taking up the issues in Loksabha,debating the issues,listening to others what they say.Fighting,agitation,goondaism cannot be accepted inside Parliament.Do you think halting the session is your duty???Do you know how much it costs to run the session?? Parliament is not owned by any party.Work more sensibly,be more responsible by knowing the issues,discus the issue very effectively,come out with constructive arguments. You are shouting like a School Kid.Beware media is watching,whole country is watching,from children to elderly,whole world is watching.Imagine the impact it is making in the minds of children!!! Imagine impact it is making in global scenario.So many decisions are being halted and in turn affecting the Growth of Our Country.
Indian Citizens are not fools.
Do not think that after we empower by giving our valuable votes,you can behave the manner you like.I request all the responsible citizens of our Country sign this petition for the effective functioning of Parliament for our own Benefit. Kindly Share in social media and make maximum number of people sign this petition.This will show peoples strength.This will be great Respect we will be giving to our departed Soul Ex President of Our country Dr Abdul Kalam, (who was worried about Parliament functioning during his last days

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