Barunei Deforestation

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Petitioning: Government of Odisha

Petitioner: Ashok Purohit started on September 25, 2014

Barunei Deforestation

I was on a holiday trip to my home town Khordha and I found the upper part of my town in a changing shape. Barunei hills (Named according to the Barunei & Karunei goddess temple) which have been the roof & guardian of the Khordha town, seemed to be humiliated. Plain fields & small mines have been occupied by beverages, other industrial companies and Engineering Intuitions. Trees have been chopped off mercilessly. The days are now lost when Barunei hills were covered with cloud bursts, one can only notice smokes coming out of factories chimneys. I can guess who have authorized such a massive slaughter of trees in Barunei Reserve Forest. But wonder why? Such a humiliation to the nature & Khordha town. Don’t they require Oxygen anymore? Have they discovered a new element to live on? Or a new factory has been set up to generate oxygen and trees are not required anymore!

We already have been affected by global warming, which is the result of foolish acts performed by humans across the globe. Even the forests and its inhabitants have to face the nature’s rage (Natural calamities like excessive warm & cold weather). While most of the world is busy annihilating the nature, forests covering 9 % of the earth surface i.e. 30% of the land area can’t escape the reactions. All the seasons keep breaking the previous records every year. Looks like nature too is in a tendency to give its maximum to its inhabitants.

Don’t the authorities understand that oxygen, rain are controlled by trees and not concrete buildings. We already have the example of Bhubaneswar city, where the city authorities seem to be expecting only Chandaka Sanctuary forests alone to control the rain and weather of its nearby areas. What other reason it could be for cutting down trees around the city?

The trees absorb the heat and cool down the atmosphere, which result in rain. However our development plans don’t included common sense.

Barunei deforestation must stop and no other company or intuitions construction ought to be allowed around the hills.

I am signing and sharing this petition to spread this message across.