Badal Free Punjab

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Petitioning: In order to restore Punjab to its prosperity, the SAD-BJP govt. must go now!

Petitioner: Yuvraj Singh SherGill started on October 19, 2015

Badal Free Punjab

The state of Punjab is plummeting into a phase of complete disorder. The farmers are distressed, drug abuse is at an alarming stage, and religious sentiments are continually targeted. People of Punjab are outraged at the SAD (Badal) government not only for its inaction against the degrading law and order situation, but also for the alleged involvement of its many key leaders in the growing hooliganism and drug trade in Punjab. It is evident that the constitutional machinery has completely failed and the usually nonchalant and jubilant Punjabis are now being pushed to protest and die on the streets of Punjab.

The turmoil in the state also poses direct questions at the intentions and political morals of the BJP government in center, which is the part of the coalition in Punjab and whose leader had earlier compared Prakash Singh Badal with Nelson Mandela. Punjabis are sick and tired of filthy politics at play that divert the attention of the masses from key issues in Punjab. In the wake of this traumatizing situation for Punjab, it must be recognized that the state government has lost the legitimacy to continue to govern Punjab for the next two years. Unfortunately neither the fierce Amrinder Singh nor the witty Bhagwant Mann have made considerable effort to build a public opinion to do away with the Badal Sarkar before 2017. It is evident that the failed government should be immediately replaced in order to prevent further exploitation of people’s prejudices both by state and non-state religious extremist actors.

Therefore the people of Punjab must raise their voices to at least have a symbolic impact at the Rashtrapati Bhavan door. It is not justified to expect the people of Punjab to wait until 2017 to exercise their right to vote in order to get rid of the current regime. This petition is directed to the government of India and the Honorary President in order to review the provisions of applicability of Article 356 (President’s Rule), annulling the current regime followed by renewed elections in Punjab. Let the state of Punjab prosper again and relive its legacy of being the food bowl of India. Let’s join our efforts towards a #BadalFreePunjab.