Audit DDA Flats Draw 2014 Software & Procedure

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Petitioning: Delhi Development Authority (DDA)

Petitioner: Sachin started on November 14, 2014

Audit DDA Flats Draw 2014 Software & Procedure

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has been postponing the draw for last 10 days in the name of:
1. Testing the software that will be used for draw
2. Incomplete data received from the bank

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) draw that was scheduled to be held on Nov 05 was rescheduled on Nov 10, then on Nov 12, followed by on Nov 14. On Nov 14, this has been postponed to an undecided day, according to media reports. The much awaited draw of results of the Housing Scheme 2014 of DDA had a dry run on November 10 and was to be held on November 14, with a live webcast on YouTube for limited users. But it seems DDA is still doing a trial run with C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) for the lots. DDA is not disclosing on its official website the real reason behind the delay.

While DDA must have completed the software testing much before and by using dummy data, some media reports quoted Mr. Balvinder (Vice-chairman of DDA) that testing is done using real data. Using real data for testing gives the organization a chance to manipulate the software code for favorable and desired results. Thus, software code and complete procedure that will be used for draw must be audited by independent agency.