Allow use of Motor Cycles as Transport Vehicles to ferry passengers

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Petitioning: Transport Minister , Transport Commissioner - State of Maharashtra

Petitioner: Manoj Maheshwari started on November 1, 2015

Dear Sir,

This is to petition you to allow the use of Transport registered Motor Cycles and Scooters to operate
as passenger and light loads delivery carriers with the city limits.

The state of the traffic conditions in the city it is becoming a stressful activity to commute from one point to the another. Each and every commuter can spend their saved time spent on commuting on quicker ways of transit into useful activity.

Two wheelers are an established mode of transport as more than 1 million two wheelers are sold in India every month. The licence to allow them to be used for public commute would help in reducing the wheel congestion on the road. Introduction of electric based motorcycles can also result in reduction of the pollution created by the four wheelers on the city roads.

Technology is available today on similar lines like on demand cab aggregating models that can revolutionise the transport activity if allowed on two wheelers. It could provide employment to a number of semi skilled youth and the local population to earn a respectable livelihood like the rise of a driver community created by the app based cab industry.

The ususal contest to such an idea is the vested interest of the taxi and the auto unions . We question where is the logic in harbouring and protecting the ineetrests of one lakh fifty thousand permit holders , who are privileged by such licensing against the 20 million or so commuters in a city like Mumbai alone .

There is an urgent case for amalgamating provisions for a draft policy in MotorCycle taxis in the envisaged City Taxi Scheme 2105 which is being finalised by the Government of Maharashtra.

We the concerned citizens draw your attention and petition you to study the concept , create the safeguards and launch a scheme on these lines.