Voice for the Voiceless

  3 (Goal: 50)

Petitioning: We want the government to make strict laws to prevent animal killings

Petitioner: UTKARSHA-FEST IIM INDORE started on November 6, 2015

"We the socially sensitive youth of our nation would like to raise voice for the voiceless animals who are tortured, tormented and persecuted for no reason. It has been an old tradition to sacrifice animals in the name of religion but has anyone ever felt the pain the animals go through on being slaughtered by people who aim to gain goodwill in the name of God through killings of innocent living beings. Why did the Supreme Court decide to not look over the PIL filed against killing of animals for religious purpose is the question that we wish to ask? Why did we only have agitation related to the beef ban, why don’t we simply ban slaying of living being as a whole? Under section 302, the Indian law clearly defines that anyone who commits a murder shall be punished with death penalty or life imprisonment; however, there is no clear law for the murderers of animals. We request the government to decide on harsh laws to prevent such criminal activities done in the name of religion"

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