Dalit Funds Underutilized

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Petitioning: State Governments

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 7, 2009

Recently the case of gross under-utilization of dalit funds came to light in some districts of Tamil Nadu. Public officers did not spend the amount earmarked for their departments. Collective amount to the tune of Rs. 750 crore was allocated, a big chunk of which came back to the state government as unused. Just because some public officers do not wish to work on development processes, does not mean that the funds can go on remaining unused. It is a crime against those who deserve it, those who set the framework for usage, and those who pay taxes for the betterment of society. District commissioners and state governments are requested to charge such officials with negligence cases. Since, many Dalits are not even aware of the benefits they can enjoy under government schemes, these public officials take an undue advantage of this ignorance by sitting hands-in-hands, and many a times involved in financial scandals involving money meant for social welfare. They should shun such activities, or the lack thereof, while empowering ignorant underpriviledged people with the knowledge of how to get what is due to them.